The fourth International Embassy FOOD & CULTURE Festival


The fourth Embassy “FOOD & CULTURE FESTIVAL” will take place in Prague 6 at Kulaťák on Saturday, June 8, 2019 in addition to the traditional Farmers’ Market.

Gastronomy from around the world will be presented at the Farmers’ Market under the auspices of foreign embassies. Several different foreign music artists and cultural performers will accompany the program from the main podium. The last event was attended by more than 15,000 visitors. Foreign gastronomy was presented at 64 stands under the auspices of 44 different embassies. The regular farmers’ offering will remain located in the lower half of the market to allow visitors to buy traditional goods, fruit, vegetables, sausages, beverages, flowers, cheese, marmalade, eggs, dairy products, pastries, cakes, meat, herbs, honey, and sea buckthorn. The traditional restaurants will also still be present.

The opening time is extended from 8am to 6pm.

One of the organizers of the Farmers’ Market in Kulaťák (Vítězné náměstí), Mr. Pavel Šťastný reminded us that the event originated from the traditional cooperation between the embassies from Asia and Africa. "The idea was born here at our Farmers’ Market during a presentation of the countries from ASEAN - Southeast Asian Nations. The idea of addressing all the embassies was initiated by the ambassadors of Thailand and Malaysia. We have already organized similar events on a smaller scale for countries from South East Asia or Africa which regularly return to our festival. We organized a very big event in 2016 for the first time and we enjoyed its great success immensely. The interest of the embassies and the visitors was so large that we decided to repeat the festival again this year. The event is organized by the Municipality of Prague 6 in cooperation with the Farmers’ Market in Kulaťák.

The Czech Chamber of Commerce also accepted auspices of the festival. The Farmers’ Market at Kulaťák has been running continuously for nine years and has become a model of success for many other events. The sellers are carefully selected and checked, and the selection of goods is constantly being enlarged. A large team of people oversees the market. They follow new trends, conceive accompanying events, cultural programs, they run the children's corner and they also have to construct the market each Friday, as well as cleaning everything up on Saturday after the end of business.

The Farmers’ Market in Kulaťák is regularly visited by five to six thousand people not only from Prague 6 but from all over Prague and its surroundings. The sellers come from across the country.,

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Miroslav Dušek - vice-chairman - +420 604 207 309 -
Andrea Vodňanská - PR - +420 603 820 152 -
Monika Dušková - finance and contracts - +420 603 719 078 -
Adéla Mašková - producer sales - +420 605 260 309 -
Jan Glucksmann - technical production - +420 737 242 414 -





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